Cross Continental Collaboration – A Spontaneous Fashion Lens for BUBBLEGUM CLUB

Natural beauty accentuated with minimal makeup and loose-fitting silhouettes. Nostalgia evoked through analogue photography. Traditional framing and spontaneous emotion. Free collaboration.

Four creatives shared a mutual goal – to collaborate on a shoot during their time spent in Cape Town. A per chance meeting with Makeup and Hairstylist Patricia Piatke led the stylist for this shoot, Shukrie Joel to get in touch with her while hunting for a good photographer to put heads together with. And so, a collaboration was formed between photographer, hair and makeup artist, stylist and model. Their amalgamated team includes Detlef HonigsteinShukrie JoelLolita Kupper and Patricia Piatke.

The project was approached using analogue photography as the medium to speak through given Detlef’s affinity to the format. Colour and black and white film are employed evoking both a classical feeling and becoming more modern as colour is gradually introduced.

Detlef Honigstein